Canadian Mennonite 2009 Resources by Title Index (Vol. 13)

This index is grouped by the titles of book, music or video/movie resources referenced or reviewed in the listed article.

Resource Type: Book

‘Cents’ible Solutions by Hofstetter, Martha (book)


118 Days: Christian Peacemaker Teams Held Hostage in Iraq by Brown, Tricia Gates, ed. (book)


Abuse Response and Prevention by Mennonite Central Committee (book)

Acceptable Year of the Lord, The: Preaching the Old Testament by Hamilton, Karen (book)

Affluenza Interrupted by Neufeld, Hugo and Doreen (book)

At-Tuwani Journal: Hope and Nonviolent Action in a Palestinian Village by Gish, Arthur G. (book)


Beyond Our Fears by MC Canada, MDS and Mennonite Publishing Network (book)

Building Bridges: Meditations by Wilmer Martin by Martin, Wilmer (book)


Changing Paradigms: Punishment and Restorative Discipline by Redekop, Paul (book)

Coat is Thin, The by Neufeldt, Leonard (book)

Come Aboard the StewardShip: Children’s Activity Book by Snider, Cindy (book)


Dark Night, The: A Gift of God by Schrock, Daniel P. (book)

Defenseless Christianity by Mast, Gerald and J. Denny Weaver (book)

Don’t Be Afraid: Stories of Christians in Times of Trouble by Seiling, Rebecca and Cindy Snider (book)


Emerald Angel, The by Derksen, Wilma (book)

Emerging Millennials, The: How Canada’s Newest Generation is Responding to Change and Choice by Bibby, Reginald (book)


Felix Mendelssohn: Out of the Depth of His Heart by Martens, Helen (book)

First be reconciled: Challenging Christians in the Courts by Church, Richard P. (book)

Flying Canada: Fifty Years of Flying the Northland and Beyond by Schnupp, Clair (book)

From the Tyrol to North America: The Hutterite Story Through the Centuries by von Schlachta, Astrid, Werner and Karin Packull, tr. (book)


Generation of Vigilance, A: The Lives and Work of Johannes and Tina Harder by Regehr, T. D. (book)

Glorious Disaster, A: A.D. 1100 to 1300, The Crusades: Blood, Valor, Iniquity by Byfield, Ted, ed. (book)

Grief, Grace and Hope: The Autobiography of Pakisa K. Tshimika by Tshimika, Pakisa K. (book)


He Flew Too High by Reed, Ken Yoder (book)

Hope Indeed! Remarkable Stories of Peacemakers by Shenk, N. Gerald (book)

Hundred Camels, A: A Mission Doctor’s Sojourn and Murder Trial in Somalia by Miller, Gerald L. with Shari Miller Wagner (book)


Jesus Matters: Good news for the 21st century by Krabill, James and David W. Shenk (book)

Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited, The by Yoder, John Howard (book)

Julia’s Words by Roth, Judith L. (book)

Jumping Into Empty Space: A Reluctant Mennonite Businessman Serves in Paraguay’s Presidential Cabinet by Bergen, Ernst as told to Phyllis Pellman Good (book)

Just One More Day: Meditations for Those who Struggle with Anxiety and Depression by Keck, Beverlee Buller (book)


Keeping in Step with the God of Peace: The Biblical Theology of Pacifism by Thiessen, Arden (book)

Kingdom Culture by Wagler, Phil (book)


Like a Mustard Seed: Mennonites in Paraguay by Stoesz, Edgar (book)

Like Those who Dream: Sermons for Salford Mennonite Church by Longacre, James C. (book)

Little Bear’s Big Sweater by Bedford, David (book)

Long After I’m Gone: A Father-Daughter Memoir by Good, Deborah with Nelson Good (book)

Loving Enemies: A Manual for Ordinary People by Klassen, Randy and Joyce (book)


Magic at the Museum by Heinrichs, Jane (book)

Marpeck: A Life of Dissent and Conformity by Klassen, William and Walter Klaassen (book)

Martyrs Mirror by van Braght, Thieleman J. (book)

Me and My Mom by Ritchie, Alison (book)

Mennonite Women in Canada: A History by Epp, Marlene (book)

Mill Grinds Fine, The by Alderfer, Helen Wade (book)

Mutual Treasure: Seeking Better Ways for Christians and Culture to Converse by Heie, Harold and Michael A. King, eds. (book)


Nightwatch: an Inquiry into Solitude by Rhodes, Robert (book)

Northern Lights: An Anthology of Contemporary Christian Writing in Canada by Rempel-Burkholder, Byron and Dora Dueck, eds. (book)


One Body, Many Parts: The Mennonite Churches in Paraguay by Ratzlaff, Gerhard (book)


Pax Avalon by Friesen, Steven “Reece” (book)

Peace to War: Shifting Allegiances in the Assemblies of God by Alenxander, Paul (book)

Persistant Voice, A: Marian Franz and Conscientious Objection by Bassett, David R., Steve Ratzlaff and Tim Godshall, eds. (book)

Piece of Forever, A by Gugler, Laurel Dee (book)

Poiema by Martin, D. S. (book)

Prairie Pilgrim, A: Wilhelm H. Falk by Neufeld, Mary (book)


Reasoning Together: A Conversation on Homosexuality by Nation, Mark Thiessen and Ted Grimsrud (book)

Renovating Heaven by Schroeder, Andreas (book)

Roots of Concern, The: Writings on Anabaptist Renewal 1952-1957 by Vogt, Virgil, ed. (book)


Schoenbrunn Chronicles, The: 75 Years in the Paraguayan Chaco by Balzer, Agnes and Lieselotte Dueck, eds. trans. Henry and Esther Regehr (book)

Simply in Season by Lind, Mary Beth and Cathleen Hockman-Wert (book)

Somewhere Else by Braun, Jan Guenther (book)

Springs of Living Water: Christ-Centred Church Renewal by Young, David S. (book)

States of Exile: Visions of Diaspora, Witness and Return by Weaver, Alain Epp (book)


The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture: How the Media Shapes Faith by Hipps, Shane (book)

Through a Lens Darkly: How the News Media Perceive and Portray Evangelicals by Haskell, David M. (book)

Timna by Travis, Lucille (book)

Tom’s Tree by Shields, Gillian (book)


Walk in Peace by Hess, Ingrid (book)

Water Bugs and Dragonflies Colouring Book: Explaining Death to Young Children by Stickney, Doris (book)

We Bear the Loss Together: A History of the Mennonite Aid Union by Harder, Laureen (book)

What is Iran? A primer on Culture, Politics and Religion by Pierce, Laura Blanton (book)

Why Little Abraham Came to Canada: Tracing the Long Journey by suderman, David (book)

Wired for war: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century by Singer, P. W. (book)

Women in Early Austrian Anabaptism: Their Days, Their Stories by Hecht, Linda A. Huebert (book)

Worship at George Street: A History of our Transitions at W-K United Mennonite Church, 1924-2008 by Dick, Karl (book)


You Never Game Me a Name: One Mennonite Woman’s Story by Wiebe, Katie Funk (book)

You’re hired! Looking for work in all the right places by Mennonite Economic Development Associates (book)

Total Number of Book Entries: 95

Resource Type: Movie/Video


Bridging the Gap: Conversations on Befriending our Gay Neighbours by New Direction Ministries (movie/video)


Colombia Churches Call For Peace by Mennonite Central Committee (movie/video)


Devil Wears a Paper Hat, The by Wiebe, Curtis (movie/video)


From Harm to Hope: Standing with Cluster Bomb Survivors by Mennonite Central Committee (movie/video)


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by David Yates (movie/video)


Ours to Share by Kroeker, Wally, Glenn Fretz and Bill Hancock (movie/video)


Pax Service: An Alternative to War by Mennonite Media (movie/video)


Quantum of Solace by Foster, Marc (movie/video)


Remembering Russia 1928-1938: Collectivization and Mass Arrest by Klassen, Otto (movie/video)

Restorative Justice: Rooted in Respect by Mennonite Central Committee U.S. (movie/video)


Stellet Licht by Carlos Reygadas (movie/video)


Taking Action Against AIDS by Mennonite Central Committee (movie/video)

Taming Hunger by Mennonite Central Committee (movie/video)

Tsunami’s Wake: Healing from Trauma by Mennonite Central Committee (movie/video)


Unexpected Peace by Mennonite Central Committee (movie/video)


VeggieTales: Abe and the Amazing Promise: A Lesson in Patience by (None/Unknown) (movie/video)


Watchmen by Moore, Alan and Dave Gibbons (movie/video)

Total Number of Movie/Video Entries: 18

Resource Type: Music


A New Heart by Suderman, Bryan Moyer (music)


Beautiful Night by Bauman, Nichelle (music)

Beyond the Din by (None/Unknown) (music)


Christmas with Family and Friends by Friesen, Louella Klassen (music)

Climbing Up by Hope Rising (music)


Healey Willan: Missa Brevis X, The Reproaches, Mass XII by Martin, Stephanie (music)


Shadowland by DaCapo Chamber Choir (music)


The Spirit Sings by Conrad Grebel Chapel Choir (music)

Total Number of Music Entries: 10

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