Canadian Mennonite 2008 Resources by Title Index (Vol. 12)

This index is grouped by the titles of book, music or video/movie resources referenced or reviewed in the listed article.

Resource Type: Book


118 Days: Christian Peacemaker Teams Held Hostage in Iraq by Brown, Tricia Gates, ed. (book)


A Thousand and One Egyptian Nights: An American Christian’s Life Among Muslims by Drago, Jennifer (book)

All Right Now: Finding Consensus on Ethical Questions by Geddert, Timothy J. (book)

Amish Grace: How Foregiveness Transcended Tragedy by Kraybill, Donald B., Steven M. Nolt, David L. Weaver-Zercher (book)

Anabaptist Songs in African Hearts, Global Mennonite History Series: Africa by Lapp, John A. and Arnold Snyder, general editors (book)


Beyond Me: Grounding Youth Ministry in God’s Story by Loewen, Wendell J. (book)

Borders and Bridges: Mennonite Witness in a Religiously Diverse World by Dula, Peter and Alain Epp Weaver (book)

Bouquets: Intentional Relationships in Making Disciples by Hamsher, Bruce (book)

Bully Bill by Birky, Joy, illustrated by Chad Thompson (book)


Carol of Christmas, The by Clarke, Marcia Kauffman (book)

Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God by Lucado, Max (book)

Changing Paradigms: Punishment and Restorative Discipline by Redekop, Paul (book)

Consider the Threshing Stone by Rempel, Jacob J., trans. by David J. Rempel and Eleanore Woollard (book)

Covenant of Peace: The Missing Peace in New Testament Theology and Ethics by Swartley, Willard M. (book)


Dancing Through Thistles in Bare Feet: A Pastoral Journey by Harder, Gary (book)

Death and Life in America: Biblical Healing and Biomedicine by Downing, Raymond (book)

Demons, Lies and Shadows: A Plea for a Return to Text and Reason by Gilbert, Pierre (book)

Diaspora in the Countryside by Loewen, Royden (book)

Domain by Nickel, Barbara (book)


Emerald Angel, The by Derksen, Wilma (book)

Emma: A Widow Among the Amish by Stutzman, Ervin (book)

Evolution of Terrestial and Extraterrestrial Life, The: Where in the World is God? by Peters, Ted (book)


Feast of Longing, A by Klassen, Sarah (book)

Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The by Lencioni, Patrick (book)

Fix-It and Enjoy-It Diabetic Cookbook: Stove-Top and Oven Recipes—for Everyone by Good, Phyllis Pellman (book)

Food for All: A Buffet of Ideas about Hunger by Canadian Foodgrains Bank (book)

Forgiveness: A Legacy of the West Nickel Mines Amish School by Ruth, John L. (book)

From Grateful to Generous: Stewardship Sermons by John H. Neufeld by Neufeld, John H. (book)

Fugitive, The: Menno Simons by Augsberger, Myron S. (book)


God With Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas by Cairns, Scott et al (book)

Good Punishment: Christian Moral Practice and U.S. Imprisonment by Logan, James Samuel (book)

Growing Up in Turbulent Times: Memoirs of Soviet Oppression, Refugee Life in Germany and Immigrant Adjustment to Canada by Janzen, Waldemar (book)


Hannah Waters and the Daughter of Johann Sebastian Bach by Nickel, Barbara (book)

Holding by Nicholson, Lorna Schultz (book)

Hope Indeed! Remarkable Stories of Peacemakers by Shenk, N. Gerald (book)

Hot Apple Cider by Lindquist, N. J. and Wendy Elaine Nelles, eds. (book)


I Am Hutterite by Kirby, Mary-Ann (book)

I am Not a Social Activist: Making Jesus the Agenda by Sider, Ronald J. (book)

I Love You as Big as the World by van Buren, David, illustrated by Tim Warnes (book)


Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals by Claiborne, Shane and Chris Haw (book)

Jumping Into Empty Space: A Reluctant Mennonite Businessman Serves in Paraguay’s Presidential Cabinet by Bergen, Ernst as told to Phyllis Pellman Good (book)


Keepers of the Land: A Celebration of Canadian Farmers by Hiebert, Carl (book)


Lacrosse Warrior: The Life of Mohawk Lacrosse Champion Gaylord Powless by Lewis, Wendy A. (book)

Lectionary Story Bible (Year B) by Milton, Ralph, illustrated by Margaret Kyle (book)

Like a Mustard Seed: Mennonites in Paraguay by Stoesz, Edgar (book)

Liturgies for Christian Unity by Archer-Greene, Judee, Mary Marrocco and Richard Vandervaart (book)

Living Together: Myths, Risks and Answers by McManus, Mike and Harriet (book)

Lost Sons by Clemens, Judy (book)


Making Sense of the Journey: The Geography of Our Faith by Lee, Robert and Nancy V. Lee, eds. (book)

Marpeck: A Life of Dissent and Conformity by Klassen, William and Walter Klaassen (book)

Mennonite Women in Canada: A History by Epp, Marlene (book)

My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids by Peterson, Eugene (book)

My Mommy and Me/ My Daddy and Me by MacNaughton, Tina (book)


Never Call Them Jerks by Boers, Arthur Paul (book)

Northern Lights: An Anthology of Contemporary Christian Writing in Canada by Rempel-Burkholder, Byron and Dora Dueck, eds. (book)

Not Easily Broken by Meyer, Ruth Smith (book)


On the Way with Jesus: A Passion for Mission by Showalter, Richard (book)

One Body, Many Parts: The Mennonite Churches in Paraguay by Ratzlaff, Gerhard (book)

One Quilt, Many Pieces: A Guide to Mennonite Groups in Canada by Reimer, Margaret Loewen (book)


Pax Avalon by Friesen, Steven “Reece” (book)

Plant a Seed of Peace by Seiling, Rebecca, illustrated by Brooke Rothshank (book)

Politics Under God by Redekop, John H. (book)

Practicing the Politics of Jesus: The Origin and Significance of John Howard Yoder’s Social Ethics by Zimmerman, Earl (book)

Proclamation by Design: The Visual Arts in Worship by Krahn, Karmen and Leslie James (book)


Recovering Jesus: The Witness of the New Testament by Yoder Neufeld, Thomas R. (book)

Religion-and-Science as Spiritual Quest for Meaning by Hefner, Philip (book)

Remember Us: Letters from Stalin’s Gulag (1930-37), Volume I: The Regehr Family by Siemens, Ruth Derksen, ed. (book)

Reuben and the Balloon by Good, Merle. P and Buckley Moss, artist (book)

Rider of the Clouds: Faith, Survival and Just Plain Hanging On by Sims, Diane (book)

Rosanna of the Amish by Yoder, Joseph N. (book)

Rosanna of the Amish: The Restored Text by Yoder, Joseph W. (book)


Seeking the Wilderness: A Spiritual Journey by Lehman, Tim (book)

Send Forth Your Light: A Vision for Peace, Mission and Worship by Swartley, Willard M. (book)

Simply in Season Children’s Cookbook by Beach, Mark and Julie Kauffman (book)

Sing the Story by Randall Spaulding et al (book)

Sleep in Peace by Hess, Ingrid (book)

States of Exile: Visions of Diaspora, Witness and Return by Weaver, Alain Epp (book)

Steppes are the Colour of Sepia, The: A Mennonite Memoir by Braun, Connie (book)

Stories: How Mennonites Came to Be by John D. Roth (book)

Stricken by God? Non-Violent Identification and the Victory of Christ by Jersak, Brad and Michel Hardin, eds. (book)

Stumbling Toward a Genuine Conversation on Homosexuality by King, Michael A. (book)


Take Our Moments and Our Days: An Anabaptist Prayer Book (Vol. 1 and 2) by Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) (book)

Testing Faith and Tradition: A Global Mennonite History: Europe by Hoekema, Alle and Hanspeter Jecker, eds. (book)

The Altars of Ahaz: How a Therapeutic Culture has Blinded Us to the Claims of the Gospel by Thiessen, Evangeline A. (book)

The Cardboard Shack Beneath the Bridge: Helping Children Understand Homelessness by Huff, Tim (book)

The End of Religion: Encountering the Subversive Spirituality of Jesus by Cavey, Bruxy (book)

The Family Song by Peifer, Jane Hoober (book)

The Legal Guide for Canadian Churches by Blaikie, David and Diana Ginn (book)

The Mennonite Handbook by (None/Unknown) (book)

The Peace Church and Ecumenical Community: Ecclesiology and the Ethics of Nonviolence by Enns, Fernando, translated by Helmut Harder (book)

The Way is Made by Walking by Boers, Arthur Paul (book)

Their Mark: Their Legacy by Klassen, Irene (book)


Under Vine and Fig Tree: Biblical Theologies of Land and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict by Weaver, Alain Epp, ed. (book)

Usable Past, A: A Story of Living and Thinking Vocationally at the Margins by Peachey, Paul (book)


We Bear the Loss Together: A History of the Mennonite Aid Union by Harder, Laureen (book)

What to Expect When You Have Diabetes by American Diabetes Association (book)

What We Believe Together by Neufeld, Alfred (book)

Work of Jesus Christ in Anabaptist Perspective, The: Essays in Honor of J. Denny Weaver by Weaver, Alain Epp and Gerald J. Mast, eds. (book)

Worship at George Street by Dick, Karl (book)


Yoyo Mama Yo by de Vries, Jan Marten and Herman Heijn (book)

Total Number of Book Entries: 126

Resource Type: Movie/Video


Bending Spears by Klassen, Dave and Rick Gamble (movie/video)


Chronicles of Narnia, The: Prince Caspian by Adamson, Andrew (movie/video)


Enchanted by Kelly, Bill, Kevin Lima (movie/video)


In the Name of Christ by (None/Unknown) (movie/video)

Iron Man by Favreau, Jon (movie/video)


Season of Hope, A by (None/Unknown) (movie/video)


The Golden Compass by Weitz, Chris (movie/video)

Through the Red Gate by Siemens, Ruth Derksen and Moyra Rodger (movie/video)


WALL-E by Stanton, Andrew (movie/video)

Total Number of Movie/Video Entries: 10

Resource Type: Music


Devotion by Bell, Steve (music)


East of West by House of Doc (music)


Hope, Faith, Life, Love by Canadian Mennonite University (music)


Notes Toward by Corlis, Timothy, Heather Dawn Taves and Leonard Enns (music)


Sing Little Children by Degan, Becky (music)

Symphony Sessions by Bell, Steve (music)


We are Seeking by Friesen Family Band (music)

Total Number of Music Entries: 7

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