Canadian Mennonite 2007 Resources by Title Index (Vol. 11)

This index is grouped by the titles of book, music or video/movie resources referenced or reviewed in the listed article.

Resource Type: Book


47 Beavers on the Big, Blue Sea by Vischer, Phil; Jared Chapman, illustrator (book)


A Goodnight Prayer and Memory Book by Sawatzky, Mary (book)

A Precarious Peace by Huebner, Chris (book)

A Thousand and One Egyptian Nights: An American Christian’s Life Among Muslims by Drago, Jennifer (book)

Anabaptist Songs in African Hearts, Global Mennonite History Series: Africa by Lapp, John A. and Arnold Snyder, general editors (book)


Baby Bible by Sarah Toulmin, Kristina Stephenson, illustrator (book)

Becoming Anabaptist: The Origin and Significance of Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism by Weaver, J. Denny (book)

Beyond the Law: Living the Sermon on the Mount by Clemens, Philip K. (book)

Blessed are the Pacifists: The Beatitudes and Just War Theory by Trzyna, Thomas (book)

Blue Like Jazz: Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality by Miller, Donald (book)

Brotherly Community: The Highest Command of Love by Ehrenpreis, Andreas and Claus Felbinger (book)

Brotherly Faithfulness by Hutter, Jakob (book)

Building Communities: The Changing Face of Manitoba Mennonites by Friesen, John J. (book)


Caspar Schwenkfeld: Eight Writings on Christian Beliefs by Williams D. H. (book)

Changing Lenses: A New Focus for Crime and Justice by Zehr, Howard (book)

Children’s Illustrated Bible by MacMaster, Eve (book)

Christ in our Midst: Incarnation, Church and Disipleship in the Theology of Pilgram Marpeck by Blough, Neal (book)

Chrysalis Crucible by Northey, Wayne (book)

Cock-a-doodle-hooooooo! by Granstrom, Brita; Mick Manning, illustrator (book)

Colonial Germantown Mennonites by Leonard Gross and Jan Gleysteen (book)

Coming Home: The Story of Tikinagan Child and Family Services by Brubacher, Maurice (book)

Confessions of Faith in the Anabaptist Tradition, 1527-1660 by Koop, Karl (book)

Consider Jesus by Jacobs, Donald R. (book)

Covenant of Peace: The Missing Peace in New Testament Theology and Ethics by Swartley, Willard M. (book)

Creative Craft Corner by Sadie Stobbe (book)

Creed and Conscience: Essays in Honour of A. James Reimer by Bergen, Jeremy, Paul Doerksen and Karl Koop eds. (book)

Crossing Frontiers by Helmut Lemke (book)

Cups Held Out by Roth, Judith L. (book)

Curious Beatitude, A by Klassen, Sarah (book)


Daniel and the Lions by Lois Rock, Alex Ayliffe, illustrator (book)

Danzig Mennonite Church, The: Its Origins and History from 1569-1919 by Mannhardt, H. G., translated by Victor G. Doerksen (book)

Design of my Journey by Kasdorf, Hans (book)

Doing Good Even Better: How to be an Effective Board Member of a Nonprofit Organization by Stoesz, Edgar (book)

Domain by Nickel, Barbara (book)


Embodying the Way of Jesus: Anabaptist Convictions for the Twenty-First Century by Grimsrud, Ted (book)

Embracing the Ordinary by Zehr, Ruth (book)

Encountering the Eternal One: A Guide for Mennonite Churches by van Hiele, Gerke (book)

Everybody Wants to Change the World: Practical Ideas for Social Justice by Tony Campolo and Gordon Aeschliman (book)

Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises and a Revolution of Hope by McLaren, Brian D. (book)


Feast of Longing, A by Klassen, Sarah (book)

Five Languages of Apology, The: How to Experience Healing in All Your Relationships by Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas (book)

Forgiveness: A Legacy of the West Nickel Mines Amish School by Ruth, John L. (book)

Fun Bible Skits 3: Ready-to-go Scripts and Activities for Kids by (None/Unknown) (book)


Goat and Donkey in the Great Outdoors by Puttock, Simon and Russell Julian (book)

God with Us Today by Krehbiel, June Galle (book)

God With Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas by Cairns, Scott et al (book)

God’s People Now! Face to Face with Mennonite Church Canada by Suderman, Robert J. (book)

Good Samaritan, The by Lois Rock, Alex Ayliffe, illustrator (book)

Grief and Sexuality: Life After Losing a Spouse by Hartzler, Rachel Nafziger (book)


Half in the Sun by Neufeld, Elsie K., ed. (book)

Hard Passage: A Mennonite Family’s Long Journey from Russia to Canada by Kroeger, Arthur (book)

Harmonia Sacra by Funk, Joseph (book)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Rowling, J. K. (book)

Hope and the Dragon by Epp, Matthew (book)

Hope is our Deliverance by Alexander Rempel and Amalie Enns (book)

Horse-and-Buggy Mennonites by Donald B. Kraybill and James P. Hurd (book)

House Calls and Hitching Posts (audiobook) by Hoover, Dorcas Sharp (book)


I’m Not Going Out There by Paul Bright, Ben Cort, illustrator (book)

Imagined Homes: Soviet German Immigrants in Two Cities by Werner, Hans (book)

In Defense of Privilege by Friesen, Abraham (book)

Internet Protect Your Kids by Stephen Arterburn and Roger Marsh (book)


Jakob, Out of the Village by Driedger, William (book)

Jesus and His Friends by Lois Rock, Alex Ayliffe, illustrator (book)

Jim and Casper go to Church: Frank Conversations About Faith, Churches and Well-Meaning Christians by Henderson, Jim and Matt Casper (book)

Jonah and the Whale by Lois Rock, Alex Ayliffe, illustrator (book)


Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-deficit Disorder by Louv, Richard (book)

Lasting Marriage: The Owners’ Manual by Yoder, Harvey (book)

Like a River Flowing by Gingrich, Arthur (book)

Little Book of “Cool Tools for Hot Topics, The by Ron Kraybill and Evelyn Wright (book)

Living Between Worlds: A History of Winkler by Werner, Hans (book)

Living Today With an Eye for Eternity: Studies in 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus by Bystrom, Raymond (book)


Many Are the Voices of Home by Ilse Schreiber, translated by Sarah Dyck (book)

Martyrdom in an Ecumenical Perspective: A Mennonite-Catholic Dialogue by Erb, Peter C., ed. (book)

Me, Myself & Bob: A True Story About Dreams, God, and Talking Vegetables by Phil Vischer (book)

Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Churches of New York City by Richard MacMaster (book)

Mennonite Perspectives on Pastoral Counseling by Schipani, Daniel, ed. (book)

Mennonites in the Cities of Imperial Russia: Volume I by Huebert, Helmut (book)


Neglected Voices: Peace in the Old Testament by Leiter, David A. (book)

None But Saints by James Urry (book)

North Ends Lives, The by Neufeld, Hugo (book)


Of This Earth by Wiebe, Rudy (book)

Of Widows and Meals: Communal Meals in the Book of Acts by Finger, Reta Halteman (book)

Out of the Jungle: The True Story of a Young Mennonite Boy in the Paraguayan Chaco by Boldt, Peter (book)


Peter Riedemann: Shaper of the Hutterite Tradition by Werner O. Packull (book)

Pioneers in Ministry: Women Pastors in Ontario Mennonite Churches 1973-2003 by Schiedel, Mary A. (book)

Plautdietsche: Bibel Jeschichten fa Kjinja by Mennonite Central Committee Canada (book)

Politics Under God by Redekop, John H. (book)

Practicing the Politics of Jesus: The Origin and Significance of John Howard Yoder’s Social Ethics by Zimmerman, Earl (book)

Precarious Peace, A: Yoderian Explorations on Theology, Knowledge and Identity by Huebner, Chris (book)

Psalms by Waltner, James H. (book)


Recovering Jesus: The Witness of the New Testament by Yoder Neufeld, Thomas R. (book)

Religion and Alienation: A Theological Reading of Sociology by Baum, Gregory (book)

Restless Churches by Bibby, Reginald (book)

Road Signs for the Journey: A Profile of Mennonite Church USA by Kanagy, Conrad L. (book)

Roman House Churches for Today: A Practical Guide for Small Groups by Finger, Reta Halteman (book)

Russlander, The by Birdsell, Sandra (book)


Searching for Sacred Ground: The Journey of Chief Lawrence Hart, Mennonite by Raylene Hinz-Penner (book)

Seeking Peace in Africa: Stories from African Peacemakers by Miller, Donald E., Scott Holland, Lon Fendall, Dean Johnson, eds. (book)

Sewing Room, The by Carla Funk (book)

Sharing Gifts in the Global Family of Faith: One Church's Experiment by Tshimika, Pakisa K. and Timothy Lind (book)

Sheer Survival: From Brazil to Kyrgyszstan by Erica Jantzen (book)

Sidney & Norman: A Tale of Two Pigs by Phil Vischer, illustrated by Justin Gerard (book)

Simply in Season Children’s Cookbook by Beach, Mark and Julie Kauffman (book)

Sing the Journey by Nafziger, Ken, et al eds. (book)

Sing the Story by Randall Spaulding et al (book)

Spiritual Caregiving in the Hospital: Windows to Chaplaincy Ministry by Bueckert, Leah Dawn and Daniel S. Schpani, eds. (book)

Stewardship for All? by Hussein, Bedru and Lynn Miller (book)

Stories: How Mennonites Came to Be by John D. Roth (book)

Strange and Wonderful Paths: The Memoirs of Ralph Lebold by Lebold, Ralph (book)


Take Our Moments and Our Days: An Anabaptist Prayer Book (Vol. 1 and 2) by Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) (book)

That Amazing Junk-Man: The Agony and Ecstasy of a Pastor’s Life by Brunk, Truman H. (book)

The Cardboard Shack Beneath the Bridge: Helping Children Understand Homelessness by Huff, Tim (book)

The Hollow Tree: Fighting Addiction with Traditional Native Healing by Nabigon, Herb (book)

The Joy Factor by Hostetler, Jep (book)

The Mennonite Handbook by (None/Unknown) (book)

The Really Big Book of Bible Games by (None/Unknown) (book)

The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientists’ Case for the Existence of the Soul by Beauregard, Mario and Denyse O’Leary (book)

The Word of Promise New Testament Audio Bible by (None/Unknown) (book)

Time of Our Lives, The: Journeying with the Bible by Zundel, Veronica (book)

To Live is to Worship: Bioethics and the Body of Christ by Shuman, Joel James (book)

Trail of the Conestoga, The by Dunham, Mabel (book)


U2 by U2 by U2 and Neil McCormick (book)

Under Vine and Fig Tree: Biblical Theologies of Land and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict by Weaver, Alain Epp, ed. (book)

Upside-Down Kingdom, The by Kraybill, Donald B. (book)

Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting: More Family Life in a Farmhouse by Smucker, Dorcas (book)


Vice of Curiosity, The: An Essay on Intellectual Appetite by Griffiths, Paul J. (book)

Viviendo las Primicias: Dando a Dios lo Mejor de Nosostros by Miller, Lynn A. (book)


Watermelon Syrup by Jacobsen, Annie, Jane Finlay-Young and Di Brandt (book)

Whatever You Did for One...You Did For Me: Reflections of Forty Years of Service by George Epp, ed. (book)

Where we Start by Gingerich, Debra (book)

White Man’s Burden, The: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good by William Easterly (book)

Windows to a Village: Life Studies of Yarrow Pioneers by R. Martens, M. Jantzen and H. Neufeldt (book)

Wrestling with the Text: Young Adult Perspectives on Scripture by Miller, Keith and Melinda E. Berry, eds. (book)

Total Number of Book Entries: 155

Resource Type: Movie/Video


300 by Snyder, Zack (movie/video)


Amazing Grace by Michael Apted (movie/video)

Away From Her by Polley, Sarah (movie/video)


BikeMovement the Documentary: A Young Adult Perspective on Church by BikeMovement (movie/video)

Bug Rangers: Submarine Sandwich by (None/Unknown) (movie/video)


Celebrating God’s Love by Mennonite Central Committee (movie/video)

Child’s View Series by MCC (movie/video)

Colombia Churches Call For Peace by Mennonite Central Committee (movie/video)


Hands and Feet of Jesus, The: Mennonite Disaster Service by Mennonite Disaster Service (movie/video)


Long Journey by Friends and Heroes Litd. (movie/video)

Love’s Abiding Joy by Oke, Janette (movie/video)


Nurturing Spirit Through Song: The Legacy of Mary Oyer by Mennonite Media (movie/video)


Power of Trading Fairly by Ten Thousand Villages (movie/video)


Remembering Russia: 1914-1927 by Klassen, Otto (movie/video)

Remembering Russia: 1928-1938—Collectivization and Mass Arret by Klassen, Otto (movie/video)


Second Hand Pants by Mennonite Central Committee (movie/video)

Stellet Licht by Carlos Reygadas (movie/video)


The Lost Tomb of Jesus by Jacobovici, Simcha (movie/video)

The Simpsons Movie by Silverman, David, director (movie/video)


When Life is the Prize by Mennonite Central Committee Canada (movie/video)

Work for Peace...Stop Paying for War by Conscience Canada (movie/video)

Total Number of Movie/Video Entries: 28

Resource Type: Music


Circle of God’s People by (None/Unknown) (music)

Closer to the Flame by Kroeker, Joel (music)


Fallow Ground by Wiebe, Valerie (music)


Gate is Open, The by Krause, Larry (music)


Keeping Time Vol. 2 by Nelson Boschman Trio (music)


My Money Talks by Bryan Moyer Suderman (music)


Rest - Inspirations from Taize by Hardy, Cathy and Karin Dart (music)


Sing the Story CD by Nafziger, Ken (music)


Thistle & Jewel by Weaver, Carol Ann (music)

Total Number of Music Entries: 9

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