Canadian Mennonite
Volume 11, No. 11
May 28, 2007


An award-winning publication

I wanted to let you know of your magazine’s fine showing at the Canadian Church Press awards competition earlier this month. This association of Christian magazines in Canada honoured us with five awards.

• First place: “Media Review.” This was for a set of reviews written by Barb Draper, Leona Dueck Penner, Karin Fehderau, Jennifer Konkle, D. S. Martin, Craig Neufeld, Laurie Oswald Robinson, Dave Rogalsky, Tim Shenk, Vic Thiessen, Piet Visser and Abe Warkentin. The judge wrote: “Strong interesting writing throughout, great selection of books, art, movies, excellent connection on every story to your Mennonite audience. You received top marks because, instead of giving us general content reviews, you told us why Mennonites should care... The best writing never forgets who it is writing to.”

• First place: “Magazine Front Cover: 1-3 colours” for “Disciplining the church”: artist Don Schwartzentruber; designer Tim R. Dyck. “Good use of colour, art is challenging and emotional and well-executed. Type is good—good size and well-set. Excellent overall,” the judge said.

• Second place: Theological Reflection for Ross W. Muir’s “Recovering Silence” article. The judge wrote, “A compelling and informative case for silence in modern worship well supported both by biblical and traditional references and by contemporary suggestions.”

• Second place: “Feature Layout and Design of an Edition—Magazine” for our entire Nov. 27, 2006 issue (this was the one with the Christmas painting we commissioned): designers Tim R. Dyck and Ross W. Muir. The judge, a designer of Maclean’s magazine, wrote: “Well-designed. An excellent, top notch publication. You should be proud of this.”

• Third place: “Colour photo—Magazine” for the cover photo of the combine fundraiser in Winkler. The judge wrote, “Great angle... The simplicity does a good job of conveying the grandeur of the harvest on the Prairies.”

We also have two articles by Ross W. Muir and me selected as finalists in the Word Guild Canadian Christian Writing awards. Winners there haven’t been announced yet. My thanks to all our contributors and staff for creating such a well-respected magazine!

On the production side, we also keep working to improve.

Electronic delivery: If you would like to get the issue without waiting for postal delivery, want to go paper-free or move frequently, please take advantage of this fast and convenient option (go to and click the “Electronic Delivery” link). Any subscriber can receive both the print and electronic editions, or just one or the other, and can change their preference anytime. The electronic edition is identical to the paper edition. (Due to limited staff time, we only post a subset of each issue online otherwise.)

International subscribers: To serve international readers better, we have now switched to a faster international mailing method and are sending issues in paper envelopes. Given mailing distances, the need was greatest here. If you live outside Canada, please let me know how it’s working.

First class mail option: Within Canada, our issues are mailed second class. However, we can send issues by first class mail and in envelopes at a small annual cost for those who would like to receive their issues this way.

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—Tim Miller Dyck

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