Thank you for your interest in writing for Canadian Mennonite! We depend on writers across the country to keep us connected with local churches. Your work is a gift of ministry to the rest of the church.

Editorial Schedule and Deadlines

We welcome submission of theological reflections, sermons, opinion pieces, letters, reviews, personal stories, poetry, art or short fiction.

Submissions relating to the editorial or advertising themes of upcoming issues are especially welcome. Our upcoming themes and general submission deadlines can be viewed in our current editorial calendar.

Submission Guidelines and Payment

We suggest potential writers contact the managing editor to pass on their story idea. This helps us avoid duplication when covering church news and allows us to suggest the most appropriate format for a particular story.

We do consider unsolicited articles for publication if they relate to the life of the church or events at Mennonite Church Canada-connected churches. Please send material to submit@canadianmennonite.org. We do not pay for unsolicited articles but are grateful for them.

Articles we commission writers to create for us are generally paid at $0.10 per published word and $10.00 per published photo (headshots only are unpaid). Please enquire if you wish to send in a story pitch.

We do not return submitted articles or photos except by special request. We try to acknowledge all submissions sent by church members after publication, but if you have not heard from us yet, please feel free to contact us directly.


If you wish to do a book, movie or music review or wish to be on our list of reviewers, please contact us at submit@canadianmennonite.org to express your interest.

Payment for reviews is the item being reviewed or a negotiated amount if this is not possible.

Format Requirements

If possible, please send in articles and photos in electronic format through e-mail. This saves us typing, reduces errors and allows us to publish articles sooner. We also accept paper manuscripts and photos.

Electronic articles should be in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (these are our preferred formats). We can also work with WordPerfect or plain text format files.

For photos, please include the names of each person pictured, the date the photo was taken and the name of the photographer so we can give proper photo credits. The best place to place this information is on the back of the photograph for print photographs or in an e-mail along with an electronic photo.

Print photos should be scanned at 300 dots-per-inch or sent in their original downloaded form if taken using a digital cameras. Photos should be in JPG format. Please do not reduce the resolution of photos to make the digital files smaller, crop them, electronically alter contrast or make other changes.

If photos are in paper format and you do not have a scanner, please send the paper photos to our office. We will scan them for you.

Editorial Contacts

Ross W. Muir, Managing Editor
Dick Benner, Editor and Publisher
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