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TourMagination advertises in Canadian Mennonite because it assists us in fulfilling our mission... and reaches the Mennonite community from coast to coast.

Wilmer Martin,
President, TourMagination

Our magazine...

Canadian Mennonite is a bi-weekly magazine with news, faith profiles, inspirational material and analysis of current issues serving primarily the people and churches of Mennonite Church Canada. Our magazine reaches 30,000 and 97% of homes in Mennonite Church Canada denomination.

Our readers...

Most of our readers live in an urban or town setting, have a college or university education and are members of a Mennonite church. You will find our readers in:

British Columbia - 7.2%
Alberta - 6.3%
Saskatchewan - 10.9%
Manitoba - 30%
Ontario - 43.4%
Eastern Canada, U.S. and overseas - 2.1%

Advertising Categories

Because Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary is bi-national, we appreciate the ways in which Canadian Mennonite helps us to build relationships with the church in Canada. We value the opportunity to advertise in Canadian Mennonite because we need to work together to help people hear and respond to God’s call to ministry.

Mary E. Klassen,
Director of Communications, AMBS

Keep in touch with our readers regularly...

Our readers as well as our advertisers have been pleased with our Canadian Mennonite Yellow Page option. The Canadian Mennonite Yellow Page offers our advertisers regular visibility at an economical price. Printed on an eye-catching bright yellow background, the Canadian Mennonite Yellow Page appears 12 times per advertising year.

Ad design...

Let us help you design your ad. Send photos or art work along with your copy. Our designer will make your ad look dazzling. All for just a $25 minimum charge.


Lisa Metzger , Advertising Representative
Phone: 519-664-2780 (home office) or 1-800-378-2524 ext. 224 (voice mail)
Fax: (519) 884-3331

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